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- Holbrook Ranch - SOLD!
- Greater AZ Farm - SOLD!
- Squaw Crk Ranch
- J&K Organic Farm -SOLD!
- White House Rnch- SOLD!

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Southwestern Ag Services, LLC

Southwestern Ag Services, LLC is a company that specializes in a wide array of real estate investment analysis with emphasis on production agriculture and rural property.  Together we have over 80 years experience in production agriculture.  Our goal is to provide integrated services to our clients that allows for comprehensive analysis of complex investment and management opportunities. We offer wide-ranging services including the following:

  • Appraisal Services

  • Management Services

  • Investment Opportunities

  • Real Estate Brokerage
    1. Comprehensive Marketing Program
    2. Buyer Representative Services
    3. Site Acquisition Services
      1. locating optimal site based on pre determined criteria
      2. assemblage

  • Consultation Service
    1. Investment Analysis
    2. Financial Analysis
    3. Business Development Analysis

  • Financial Services
    We provide consulting and asset management services for absentee owners, including farm and ranch management, budgeting and  business planning as well as litigation support.

Feel free to contact us at (480) 539-2671 for additional information.