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We offer custom mapping/database services across Arizona; typically these are used for:

  • Combining data from different organizations that typically don't work together
  • Site Selection/Assemblage/Market Research
  • Historical Aerial Imagery comparisons
  • Soils, Flood Hazard and Slope Analysis

We also can create custom maps of your property for marketing or informational purposes.

Portfolio Snapshots

Aerial survey of a district lateral across a client's tract
This was part of a package used to market the parcel.

Sample page thumbnails from an atlas of Yavapai sales
County sales atlases are used to get a rough idea of what the market is like across a county; red represents a sale, the darker reds are more recent - other counties are available.

A more detailed market survey at the section level
Detailed parcel/sale information is available to clients

A survey of grazing allotments across the Western US
Enlargements on this map are often useful as the starting point for clients when searching for a ranch.

Custom topography map of a ranch's grazing allotments and fencelines
A poster size version of this map was printed on archival quality paper and framed for a client's Headuqarters.